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Are you aware of the fact that plumbing, drainage, and hot water systems represent around 15% of the value of your building? So you should only trust specialists who are well aware of the work they are doing.
In Melbourne, water tanks are able to capture half of the total water that is required for an average house. Plumbing Specialist is the best plumber in Melbourne. We help you slash your water and power bills by effectively sorting out the problems related to drainages, water tanks, and harvesting systems.

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We are making bookings during this Lockdown for coronavirus

You must be aware of some precautions to prevent your family from this deadly virus named coronavirus. Sanitising everything inside your home is recommended by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). We are ready to give our professionals plumbing services even in this lockdown. Pick your phone and call us this is a really pleasurable moment for us to serve you in the time of pandemic coronavirus.

Welcome to Plumbing Specialist Melbourne

We know that hiring a right plumber Melbourne is not an easy task. Plumbing Specialist Melbourne prides themselves on having long term relationships with all our customers. We strongly maintain transparency in work and offer genuine pricing for each job so that the clients can easily understand the situation and can select the right solution for their needs.
With so many years of delivering plumbing services to hundreds of customers and to meet the requirements of our growing customer base, we have expanded our service area to most of the parts of Melbourne city.

Plumbing Repair Service
Plumbing Specialist Melbourne is your complete plumbing repair company.
Drain Cleaning Service
We offer prompt services from drain cleaning, tank-less water heaters to copper re-piping
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Our workers are highly skilled with the latest state of the art technology that treats your property with utmost care and respect
Plumbing Service
With a fleet of around 35 vehicles that are all stocked full of parts, our customers can rely on us every time for getting their problems solved without any delay

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What Makes A Great Plumber?

Plumbing Specialist is one of the favorite plumbing service providers in Melbourne. Have a look at the features that make us a great plumber:

  • Respect

    Our expert plumbers do their work with care and consideration. They respect the property they are working on. One of the major things they do not leave any mess of the work. If any mess happens, they clean up so that you don’t have to do it afterward.

  • Reliability

    Our workers are available for their services always on time. They show quality workmanship and show a trustworthy behavior during their work.

  • Efficiency

    Our workers don’t waste your time, they get their work done right and get it done fast.

  • Affordable

    Our company does whatever it mentions it in the quote. We have no hidden and surprise charges for our services. Besides, if you have any query you can get it clarified with the servicemen at the spot.

  • Customer Service

    As stated, all your queries are answered by our courteous, friendly and professional team workers.

Our Extensive Plumbing Services in Melbourne

  • Leaking Taps and Toilets

    We assess the problem of leakages in the taps and the toilets and provide solutions to suit your budget.

  • Blocked Drains and Toilets

    Our team will help you get rid of all blocked sewer drain, stormwater, toilet, sink or shower drain.

  • Leakage Detection

    Our latest guaranteed technology helps you get rid of all the leakages in the taps; pipes etc. that may be one of the major causes of generation of higher water bills.

  • Water Hammering

    It is caused due to incorrect plumbing installations and the lack of expansion of the piping system. Our step by step process will help remove or reduce the level of noise produced by water hammer.

  • Gas Fitting

    We also deal in gas fittings including gas heating, gas hot water, gas stoves, and Gas BBQ’s and spa heaters.

  • Water Renewal

    Pipes are made up of iron and are laid deep within clay so after some period they require replacements. We renew the right pipes at the right time at reasonable costs to ensure your infrastructure is fit all the time.

  • Faucet Malfunction

    It can lead to a massive water leak that can cause severe water damage to your home. We can repair the faucets before it falls apart from its point of attachment.

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Our Plumbing Process

Professionals of Plumbing Specialist follow strictest standards in safety. We can deal with every aspect of any job, from fabrications and installations to repairs and retrofitting services. Have a look at our process:

  • Designing

    The professionals design the plan that they want to implement. To ensure a good design, our plumbers talk to you about the water output and other such issues that may affect the whole process.

  • Inspection

    Next is the inspection phase. For leakages, the soil is analyzed for its drainage power, water septic tank installations the professionals analyze the family size and the garden and the farming needs. Inspections are done according to the service you require.

  • Repair/Installation

    Once all the limits are understood, the main part of the process is started. The professionals try to understand which type of system works best for you. For leakages, the pipes are repaired by suitable chemicals and replaced if required. For blockages, the pipes are treated with specific cleaners if any system is no working it is re-installed.

  • Maintenance

    After the team has completed the whole process, they design a future maintenance plan and discuss it with you. The step is very important to avoid any further problems in the house.

Professional Plumbing Service

Why Choose Plumbing Specialist?

Not all the plumbing companies are the same, there is a proven process that you should expect a plumber who is reputable and experienced o follow. The following will give you an idea why you should choose Plumbing Specialist:

  • The experts of our company provide a reliable estimate for plumbing and heating jobs.
  • We always satisfy all your plumbing needs on a budget.
  • Our experts are responsive and work according to a proper time schedule.
  • The experts clear up the after mess as soon as the job is completed.
  • We provide 24/7 and same day services.
  • All our professionals are experienced certified and provide services to all the suburbs in Melbourne.

To keep all the systems of the house working properly, always make a plan to have all the systems of your house inspected by the professionals every three years. Schedule follow-up visits with them to know that the systems are working efficiently. If you too have any plumbing and heating related problems, call the Plumbing Specialist today!

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia